Specialists in manufacturing tailor-made boat covers for any type of craft.

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Harris Hoods boat covers are manufactured using the highest quality fabrics, specifically designed for their water repellency and UV light protection.


Some alternative fabrics have additional breathable, abrasion and mildew resistant properties.


We offer a large selection of colours to choose from and can advise you on which material will suit your needs best.


Swatches for all materials are available on request.

To further compliment the appearance of your new hood, additional enhancements are available.


* Piping / binding


* Tinted windows


* Name of craft sewn in the same style font

 embroideredy service.


* Window covers, curtains and mesh fly screens


* Stainless steel grade 316 frame works


* A4 frame cast fittings


                                                      ..........& more


Additional Enhancements


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